World’s First Pure Gold iPhone 5 Launched

 World’s First Pure Gold iPhone 5 Launched

24 Carat Gold Iphone 5

There’s a never-ending craze for Apple products and it comes as no surprise that the iPhone 5 sold out faster than its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. Without a doubt there are millions of people out the seeking the best in technology. But what about those seeking the finest in technology as well as luxury? Time and again we have mentioned about not just owning an iPhone, but also adding gold to it to make it the ultimate object of desire. Pure gold is what we are talking about. Just days, 3 days to be specific, after its launch, Gold & Co can only be excited to announce their version of the iPhone 5 in 24 Carat pure gold and rose gold, which is the first iPhone 5 being offered in pure gold.

Most Exclusive iPhone 5

To be unveiled at the Collector’s Palace in Dubai Mall, the world’s largest mall on September 27, the 24 Carat Gold iPhone 5 and Rose Gold iPhone 5 is truly the ultimate combination of luxury and technology. Every phone that is being offered will feature an individually numbered, custom made, presented in luxurious handcrafted wooden boxes and come with a guaranteed certificate of authenticity. This just makes it the most exclusive iPhone 5 anybody could own.

“The iPhone 5 is an extraordinary piece of technology and we are delighted to bring yet another 24 Karat gold and our first rose gold offering to our loyal customers. As always, we look forward to being the first to bring our clients the best in gold plated technology and we believe the Gold and Rose Gold iPhone 5 products are among the best work we have ever produced,” says Amjad Ali, CEO of Gold & Co., London. Although no price is mentioned so far, it would be of little surprise if it were in the 5 digits.

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