World’s First Curved OLED TV offering Immersive Panorama Effect

 World’s First Curved OLED TV offering Immersive Panorama Effect

World’s First Curved OLED TVImpressively breaking the barrier of innovation in home entertainment sector, the South Korean consumer device makers Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled the world’s very first Curved OLED TV which provides crystal-clear depth to the visual content displayed for more real, life-like viewing experience, at the 2013 International Consumer Electronic Show ‘CES’. This innovative television has been designed to deliver truly immersive viewing experience by creating panorama effect, especially when watching captivating content such as breathtaking scenes from natural environment and expansive landscapes, which is certainly not possible with the orthodox flat-panel TVs. An innovative concept product for now that has been shown-off to the consumers to test the market interest; the Curved OLED TV is not expected to be made available for sale anytime soon. Besides, LG Electronics which earlier last year at CES unveiled its 55-inch OLED TV simultaneously with Samsung, also now introduced its world’s first curved 3D OLED TV.

Samsung Curved OLED TV at CES 2013

Offering enhanced viewing angles, consumers watching the Samsung’s Curved OLED TV will feel like as if they are surrounded by the beautiful scenery, as Samsung has impressively optimized the picture quality of this product, all in an effort to deliver a comfortable viewing experience.

Viewing visual contents on this Curved OLED TV is described to be a comfortable experience for the human eye, as the curved panel allows the distance between the user and TV screen to be the same from almost any angle.

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