Titanium Mouse Styled with Perfection

 Titanium Mouse Styled with Perfection

Titanium Mouse styled with Perfection

If you are looking to flaunt your laptop or PC through luxurious and fashionable outlook then maybe we have got the solution to it. A titanium mouse produced by the production house Intelligent Design from Netherlands does it all! This mouse has an elegant design that gives it a graceful finish much suiting to your corporate needs.

Titanium Mouse

This Titanium Mouse comprises of silhouette design with a combination of high quality plastic resin plus first-class titanium material used in interior and jewelry industry. Adding to the quality and elegance is the first class titanium category along with neodymium scroll wheel making the mouse pretty expensive. This truly impressive Titanium Mouse was created for those who demand sleek and perfect look at their fingertips.

Titanium Mouse Pictures

Mouse was first exhibited during the Dutch Design Week 2009 at Eindhoven. Priced at £400; roughly $520 the Titanium Mouse looks sleek and elegant just exactly what it needs to enhance your corporate brand image.

Titanium Mouse Photos

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