Razer Blade Laptops Come In Limited Edition Koenigsegg Model

 Razer Blade Laptops Come In Limited Edition Koenigsegg Model

Gaming computerKoenigsegg is all set to acutely bald its One:1 advancing cars at the attainable Geneva Motor which is achievement acclimatized to be the abutting big thing, but it will be accompanied with accession account with the Koenigsegg branding on it. But it’s not accession fire-spitting supercar by the Swedish car maker but a Koenigsegg-themed laptop developed in amalgamation with angel acclaimed gaming laptop maker Razer. Razer is accustomed for accurate hardcore gaming machines with top of the bandage specs and declared abstracts acclimated to adeptness the body.

harga laptopThe Razer Blade laptop can actually able be declared the Koenigsegg Agera of the computer world. But incase all this sounds a little too aperitive and you acquire bogus up your apperception to carapace out top dollar and book yourself one, there’s some bad news. The Razer Blade Koenigsegg archetype is not for bargain but will abandoned be offered to a few Koenigsegg owners and Razer fans, while two units will additionally be offered as prizes for an online contest.

gaming computerThe Koenigsegg Blade actualization the Koenigsegg casting on the lid instead of the Razer logo and below the covering the laptop actualization an Intel Core i7 quad-core CPU, Nvidia GTX 765M GPU, 8 GB of DDR3 memory, and a 512 GB SSD. All these $.25 and pieces are captivated in CNC machined cases, which uses the Agera R as an afflatus for its top. The laptop will achieve a admirable acceptance at the Geneva Motor Show alternating the One:1 and added cars by the motoring brand.


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