PS5 price just leaked — and it’s shockingly cheap

 PS5 price just leaked — and it’s shockingly cheap

The race is tight between Sony’s PS5 and its adversary, the Xbox Series X. With comparative specifications, potentially more graphical power on Microsoft’s part and a close-run “holiday 2020” release date, it isn’t clear which console goes to outsell the opposite within the first battle of the next-generation console war.

Notebookcheck reports that Canadian retailer Play N Trade Vancouver Island has opened preorders for the PS5 at CA$559.99. Converted, that’s roughly US$396 or £318, which might make the PS5 a small bit cheaper than the PS4 was at launch ($399 or £349). That sounds surprising initially, but there are some potential clarifications for why this store is charging such a low cost.

It’s conceivable that Play N Trade doesn’t know the precise price of the PS5 yet, and can invite a subsequent payment so as to balance out the value. Equally, Sony could be keeping the retail price deliberately low so as to undercut the Xbox Series X, which can be costlier thanks to its more powerful processing abilities.

Sony, additionally did this when the last generation launched, offering the PS4 for $100, therefore, the Xbox One. The Xbox One’s more significant expense, combined with some flawed DRM policies and attention on entertainment applications, allowed Sony to take an early lead with the PS4.

Microsoft appears to have gained from its errors with the thoroughly gaming-focused reveal of the Xbox Series X. But Microsoft charging a premium once more for its hardware could prove its demonstrate its defeat in a market where PlayStation users currently outnumber Xbox users.

We’re expecting that the two consoles should dispatch around November of this current year, with both Sony and Microsoft announcing that the coronavirus flare-up won’t cause postponements to their consoles. However, this might still have an impact on any games planned to dispatch close by the new consoles

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