O2 Integrates Obsolete Mobile Phones McQueen & Chloe’s Haute Handbags

 O2 Integrates Obsolete Mobile Phones McQueen & Chloe’s Haute Handbags

If you anticipation O2’s Walkie Talkies were the end of recycled luxury, you were wrong. This time, the buzz aggregation claims to save your time by absolution recycled phones set in artist handbags so you accept to comb your bag no more, you can actually allocution in to your bag-phone. Aptly christened ‘Bags That Talk’, these creations highlight the possibilities of apparatus recycling, and converting decay abstracts into adorable items.

“While these fun innovations may not be to everyone’s tastes it shows what you can do with recycling mobiles; there are hundreds of added uses that old phones can be put to, from actuality reconditioned and acclimated afresh to actuality mined for their components,” Sean Miles said in a statement. As allotment of his final chapter for O2’s ‘Recycle’ collection, the UK artist created the handbags that adored old handsets, which would’ve headed for landfills.

A best Celine baby box handbag, Chloe ‘Marcie’ mini covering accept bag, Alexander McQueen ‘De Manta’ beastly book clamp bag got ‘upcycled’ and installed with old Nokia and LG handsets. For environment-favoring gentlemen a fashionable Mulberry men’s abbreviate agent bag was additionally angry into a awakening ghetto blaster-cum-mobile phone, accessible to comedy music at the blow of a button, with plug-ins for earphones for the abandon to allocution or canal on the move.

Bill Eyres of O2 added, “you may not end up with a Bag That Talks of your own, but at the actual atomic bodies like us at O2 Recycle will pay banknote to those who do the blooming affair and recycle.” Not to mention, bagging one of their “talking” creations will be camp but blooming affair as well.

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