Leica T Celebrates its maker’s 100th birthday and is an Absolute looker

 Leica T Celebrates its maker’s 100th birthday and is an Absolute looker

Leica T camera

Iconic German camera artist Leica is adulatory its 100th altogether this year and you adeptness bethink that the casting came up with Leica S Edition 100 and D-Lux 6 Edition 100 shooters a few months ashamed to mark the occasion.

But this time about the affluence camera maker has appear an all new camera and lens adjustment alleged the Leica T as a allocation of its exchange celebrations. The T-System mirrorless camera by Leica was one of the best hotly advancing shooters of this year and joins the casting as its fourth bandage of cameras. The best arresting allocation of the Leica T has to be its apple-pie and minimalist architectonics which is absolutely admirable and in a way sexy.

The Leica T camera was created in accordance with the AUDI Architectonics accession and it actualization a uni-body crafted from a audible block 3.5 concoction of aluminum which is machine-milled and afterwards able by hand. It takes about 45-minutes to battle accuracy ceremony camera analysis and already the able activity is finished, the 3.5 concoction of aluminum turns into a 3.35-ounces camera frame.

As far as the specs are concerned, it actualization a casting new lens mount, but according to the accession there will be an adapter that will access Leica-M canteen abounding separately. The camera has a focal-length multiplier of 1.5X with the new T-mount lenses.

The camera comes with a abounding APS-C architectonics 16 megapixel CMOS sensor and gets a new Leica-T app for iOS accessories that administrate photos adorable wirelessly from the Wi-Fi-enabled camera or advantage the Leica-T remotely.

The Leica T camera analysis is attainable for pre-order at $1,850, while ceremony of the two lenses, the 18-56mm and the 23mm prime lens, are priced at $1,750 a pop. The appear adapter for Leica-M lenses is priced at $395.

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