Ear Headphones Shaped Like Bullets with Gold Titanium-coated at CES 2013

 Ear Headphones Shaped Like Bullets with Gold Titanium-coated at CES 2013

Ear Headphones Shaped Like BulletsSpecialists in the creation of state-of-the-art, unique performance lifestyle headphones that bring studio-grade quality sound to a community with a shared passion for music and individuality, the San Diego-based precision sound brand Munitio, which impressively set a new standard in listener enjoyment and electronic accessory fashion with the release of the world’s fist titanium-coated and 18K gold plated headphones back in 2010, has now unveiled the Nines GLD Tactical 9mm Earphones. Outfitted with rare earth neodymium 9mm drivers enclosed in a Bass Enhancing Chamber, the Nines which comes with an in-line 3-button suppressor mic control to stay in touch while in motion and noise-isolating Silicone Hollow Points, was unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show ‘CES’ 2013 in Las Vegas.

Munitio 9mm Headphones

Actually rooted in performance audio, the ear-phones shaped like bullets in brilliant deep gold titanium-coated finish, has been masterly engineered from the inside-out to offer, tight, low, distortion-free thundering bass, and clear smooth highs for enveloping sound. Besides, we have also earlier seen some of the other finest earphones like the Final Audio Design’s Piano Forte Series luxury earphones, the Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10vi earphones, the IMAGE earphones which are claimed to be the world’s smallest and lightest, and the Klipsch limited edition X10i in-ear headphones signed by Lou Reed.

Offering epic levels of audiophile sound quality with an edgy design vibe, the Nines GLD Tactical Earphones are intended to target those audiences that embrace the musical culture, from electro to hip hop. Machined from a single piece of copper alloy housings which features Kevlar-reinforced cloth cables for durability, the earphones celebrate the music and delivers what the legends of music want you to hear. Priced reasonably at $169, the Nines GLD Tactical 9mm Earphones in gold titanium-coated finish comes with ear-hooks, a special ballistic nylon carrying case, a cable clip and 1 replacement set of Silicone Hollow Points. – Bornrich

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