Cloud 9 spa lounger by Klafs: Get high everytime, literally!

 Cloud 9 spa lounger by Klafs: Get high everytime, literally!

Cloud 9 spa lounger by KlafsToday, with our daily lives marked by pressure and tension, the desire for calm and relaxation arises ever more frequently. The Viennese artist and perception researcher sha. has now developed a holistic spa treatment concept Tech Gadgets to counter these daily stresses and strains: Wolke 7 Cloud 9. You enter a world where boundaries disappear, embed yourself on clouds and begin a journey which ends in deep relaxation.

With the inspiring concept of WOLKE 7 CLOUD 9 by sha. KLAFS introduces and celebrates a holistic-artistic vision, based on the harmonious spa ambience, which turns the spa area into a creative awareness lab during the Interbad 2010.

The origin is the reclining pod, which, in its three dimensional version, transports the visitor into a cloud scenery. Previously, ergonomic studies determined that a diversity of body forms would easily find space in the WOLKE 7 CLOUD 9. The gentle swaying motion of the WOLKE 7 CLOUD 9 further enhances the floating sensation to the visitor and cradles him or her softly towards the horizon. A second pod – as a revolved mirror image of the pod below – floats above the visitor completing the special cloud-sky composition of this spa highlight.

Image cloud

The eyes focus on the sky-cloud scenery, which is used as a back projection surface for a specially designed animation cloud video. The image flow in the “medial room” is inspired by real cloud formations in the sky.

Light cloud

Both reclining pods – above and below – are self-illuminating. The special materiality allows the light to spread evenly over the whole surface. The valleys and hills of the reclining form create fine light-shadow transitions, which re-inforce the three dimensional cloud impression.

Colour cloud

The wide colour spectrum of the real sky inspired the colours of both canopy and cradle. Monochrome colours transition slowly and imperceptivity and begin to mix and mingle. Calmness and slowness can be experienced..

Sound cloud

The basic rhythm of the swaying motion is the origin for the sound composition. The basic, wave-like form of breathing in and out, of moving to and fro produces different acoustic agglomerations, which increase and decrease, transform into and overlap each other.

Cradle cloud

The imperceptive, finely tuned motion sensation is caused by complex kinetics within the lower pod. The swaying motion is perceived as a slow cradling movement. The visual impressions slowly move to the background and make space for sensations and hearing.  – Klafs

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