4 Tips for Staying In Shape In Your Senior Years

 4 Tips for Staying In Shape In Your Senior Years

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As much as we live in a xenophobic culture that fears a wrinkle as much as we do the plague, the truth is that our older years can be some of the best. Thanks to the gift of experience and wisdom, you no longer get caught up worrying about meaningless matters or wasting time on things that aren’t part of the bigger picture.

However, in order to make the most out of this potentially magical chapter of our lives, it’s critical that we stay as healthy as possible. In order to maintain your vitality, staying physically fit is a must.

Engaging in a daily exercise routine can have a profound impact on your inner and outer well-being, as well as your lifespan. If you’re over the age of 70 and looking to stay in shape, here are some of the best tips.

Choose an Exercise You Like

All too often people see exercise as a chore and something they have to do rather than something they want to do. The key to staying committed to exercising, however, is choosing an exercise routine that we actually enjoy. If you can manage to find physical activity that you look forward to, then you’ll already win half the battle.

Remember, exercise isn’t only limited to running and exercise machines. Many seniors enjoy activities like swimming, dancing, and even walking!

Create a Routine

The more you treat your exercise routine like a job or important appointment, the more committed you’ll stay to showing up and doing the work every day. Create a routine where you work out at the same time every day. Over time, it won’t feel like a chore, but rather an integral part of your daily life. You’ll start to find that when you don’t exercise it will feel like part of your day is missing!

Eat For Wellness

While it’s OK to indulge and enjoy a wide variety of foods once in a while, the truth is if you hope to stay in shape, it’s important that you eat for wellness. Focus on nutrient-dense foods like fruits, leafy vegetables, and whole grains. Don’t forget you also need plenty of lean proteins and healthy fats to support a healthy body.

While you’re at it, don’t forget the importance of staying hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and this will help you stay energized, and hydrated, not to mention it will improve your metabolism.

Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Regular health checks are important for staying on top of your wellness. Your doctor will be able to address any specific health concerns and address any specific needs that should be treated. From your blood pressure to your cholesterol levels, your doctor will help you make informed choices about your overall well-being that will help you stay healthy for years to come.

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