Southwest Airlines Resolves Legal Case After Incident Leads to Disabled Passenger’s Death

 Southwest Airlines Resolves Legal Case After Incident Leads to Disabled Passenger’s Death


The relatives of Gaby Assouline, a 25-year-old disabled woman from Florida who tragically became paralyzed and subsequently passed away after a distressing incident on a Southwest Airlines jet bridge, have settled with the airline, The Post has been informed. Robert Solomon, the family’s legal representative, confirmed the resolution of the lawsuit but did not disclose the financial terms of the agreement.

In February 2022, while en route to Denver from Fort Lauderdale, Assouline, who had a genetic muscle disorder, sought assistance from a Southwest employee due to her reliance on a wheelchair for mobility. The lawsuit, which demanded compensation for extensive medical bills and other damages, alleged that this request was denied, compelling her to navigate the jet bridge unaided.

The legal claim detailed a harrowing event where Assouline was propelled from her wheelchair after encountering an obstruction on the walkway, resulting in a fall that severely injured her, leaving her paralyzed from the neck down. Tragically, after enduring 11 months confined to her bed, Assouline succumbed to her injuries in January 2023, told the New York Post.

Given the gravity of the case, Nicholas Gerson, a seasoned personal injury lawyer from Miami, speculated that the settlement amount was substantial, likely reaching into the seven-figure range. The lawsuit highlighted the profound impact of the incident on Assouline’s quality of life, noting her reliance on a feeding tube and the loss of her ability to communicate verbally thereafter.

Sandra Assouline, Gaby’s mother and the plaintiff in the case, shared the immense struggle her daughter faced following the accident, particularly the evident fear and agony reflected in her brief moments of lucidity. Gaby’s medical condition, which caused her muscle tissue to transform into bone, further complicated her physical state, limiting her mobility even before the incident.

While Southwest Airlines expressed its condolences following Assouline’s demise, the company had initially contended that she had declined their offer of assistance. In a statement from February 2023, the airline conveyed its heartfelt sympathies to Assouline’s loved ones and acknowledged her influence on those around her.

The family had harbored hopes for Gaby’s eventual return home, a sentiment echoed in their public statements, highlighting her resilience and optimistic outlook throughout her hospitalization. Unfortunately, her condition deteriorated, leading to an outcome that her family described as being robbed of a more hopeful conclusion to her brave battle.

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