Second body found after brothers make the fatal jump from ‘Jaws Bridge’: Police reports

 Second body found after brothers make the fatal jump from ‘Jaws Bridge’: Police reports

EDGARTOWN (8/12/14) — Jumping off the

State police believe two brothers who went missing after jumping off a bridge made famous by the 1975 film “Jaws” are dead after a second body was discovered in the area.

The body found Thursday matches the description of Tavaughn Bulgin, 21, who has been missing since Sunday night with his brother. The pair took a leap from the American Legion Memorial Bridge.

Tavaris Bulgin, the first brother, was found dead on Monday.

According to the Massachusetts State Police, the brothers were from Jamaica and worked as seasonal restaurant workers on Martha’s Vineyard.

A fisherman reported finding the body of an adult man along a body of water on the north side of the popular Martha’s Vineyard island around 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, according to state police spokesman David Procopio in a statement.

According to Adam Sansoucie, an operations manager with the US Coast Guard, four people jumped off the bridge Sunday night, and two were rescued by the fire department after someone called 911.

The “Jaws Bridge,” officially known as the American Legion Memorial Bridge, is located on Martha’s Vineyard’s beachfront. It connects two Martha’s Vineyard beach towns, Edgartown, Massachusetts, and Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts.

According to Sansoucie, jumping off the bridge is illegal.

Jumping from the bridge has become a popular pastime for young people and visitors to the Vineyard, according to state police spokesman Procopio in an Aug. 16 statement.

In the 1975 horror film “Jaws,” characters run onto the bridge and look fearfully out into the water as a shark reaches close to children playing. The bridge can also be seen in the background of other well-known scenes from the movie.

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