San Antonio Authorities Searching for Two Individuals Linked to Double Homicide Involving Pregnant Teen

 San Antonio Authorities Searching for Two Individuals Linked to Double Homicide Involving Pregnant Teen

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The San Antonio Police Department is urgently seeking assistance from the public to identify two individuals of interest related to the tragic deaths of a pregnant teenager and her boyfriend. Their bodies were discovered in a car earlier this week in San Antonio.

Authorities released a video on Thursday, highlighting two people and the vehicles they were driving — a dark pickup truck with a bed cover, identified as a Chevrolet Silverado, and a silver Kia Optima, which belonged to one of the victims. The footage shows the vehicles meeting in a parking lot, where the occupants appear to converse before departing.

The victims, 18-year-old Savanah Soto, who was beyond her due date for pregnancy, and 22-year-old Matthew Guerra, were last seen in the Kia Optima on Friday in Leon Valley, a suburb of San Antonio. The discovery of their bodies on Tuesday in Guerra’s Optima has led to an intensive investigation.

The video, lasting 79 seconds, was recorded near the site where the bodies were found, approximately 3 miles from Soto’s last known location. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus emphasized the extensive investigative efforts underway, including reviewing additional security footage, analyzing cellphone records, and examining social media activity.

McManus described the killings as heinous and unspeakable, stating that the case is being investigated as a capital murder. While initially considering a murder-suicide scenario, the current evidence has steered the investigation away from that theory.

The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed both Soto and Guerra suffered fatal gunshot wounds to the head. Soto’s death has been ruled a homicide, while the determination of Guerra’s manner of death is still pending.

Tragically, the incident also resulted in the death of Soto’s unborn child. Concerns for Soto’s well-being were raised when she missed a crucial medical appointment, as reported by her family, who also noted that she vanished a day before her scheduled labor induction.

The San Antonio Police Department is appealing to anyone with information about the individuals or vehicles in the video to come forward. Tips can be given anonymously, ensuring the safety and privacy of those who provide information.

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