Romance of Balconies

 Romance of Balconies

romance-of-balconiesBalcony has a special place in home design. Whenever architect plunge into designing home they focus on balcony, balcony designs and balcony styles.

Balconies are ideal addition in living place making it significant and spacious as a living place without balcony is just like a cage that offers no preview of nature thus bounds in space. So, a balcony should be as romantic and enthusiastic as its presence in itself. So look for variety of ideas here to get beautiful balcony styles for your home and add spice to your romantic life.
Balcony styles
Balconies are classified in major three styles: Faux, False and True.
  • Faux style balcony

A window is decorated in faux style balcony and they are for ornamentation.

  • False style balcony

A False Balcony is designed and installed to block an open doorway and has a deck projection of about 4-6 inches.

  • True style balcony

They are designed and installed to walk on and have a proper deck and railing attached.

French country balconies

Balcony is the most romantic part of any building, house or place that makes it colorful and full of life and when this balcony is beautifull and attractive it really enlivens the space making it zestful as many you see while traveling across French countries that are really eye catching endowing nature just a step ahead. French country balconies are:

  • Juliet Balconies

Juliet balcony is the most popular french balcony style that is very narrow and small and acts as a safe barrier for french windows and doors. They are faux balconies providing cross ventilation.

  • Front Door Balconies

They are designed in front of doors and are wide to keep gardening as well. They provide a magical view and make entrance of a house more beautiful.

A balcony added to house with 2 or more floors makes it spacious and creates a matchless preview.

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