Revo Debuts Exclusive Sunglass Line Marking 38 Years of Iconic Eyewear Excellence

 Revo Debuts Exclusive Sunglass Line Marking 38 Years of Iconic Eyewear Excellence

Photo: Revo / Instagram

Marking its 38th milestone, Revo, a leader in high-end performance sunglasses, has unveiled five unique Limited Edition shades. This new collection includes three exquisite titanium aviators adorned with pure silver and 24K gold detailing, alongside two revamped lightweight, full titanium frames that encapsulate the brand’s innovative spirit and fashionable heritage.

Today’s debut of the Air Limited and Descend Z Limited lines, crafted in honor of Revo’s illustrious journey, comes in limited production. Specifically, only 500 pairs of each design are up for grabs, making them a must-have for eyewear enthusiasts.

The revamped Air series, renowned for its intricate design and unmatched craftsmanship, now boasts three all-new Air LTD variants.

In parallel, the popular Descend Z range sees a stylish revamp, now crafted in sleek titanium and enhanced with state-of-the-art polarized photochromic lenses. These lenses adapt seamlessly, shifting from light to dark shades based on ambient light levels. Customers can choose from two lens hues for the Descend Z series.

CEO Cliff Robinson expressed his excitement, “As we toast to 38 years of Revo’s unmatched blend of elegance and functionality, this exclusive collection is a testament to our brand’s commitment to innovation since 1985. Today, we continue to set benchmarks in the performance eyewear industry with creations like Air Limited and Descend Z Limited.”

Besides their aesthetic appeal, these sunglasses come in special collector’s edition packaging and feature unique serial numbers. The Air Limited styles are priced at $399, while the Descend Z Limited styles are available for $369.

Revo’s patented NASA-inspired Light Management System has consistently shielded users from harmful sunlight spectrums. Their lenses offer unmatched protection, safeguarding against 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, ensuring optimal vision health.”

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