Peek inside the $87 million Airbus ACJ319

 Peek inside the $87 million Airbus ACJ319

With the worlds widest and tallest jet cabin, the Airbus ACJ319 is fit for a billionaire. While we were thoroughly afflicted with the Airbus A380 VIP ‘Flying Palace’ Interior, but the Airbus ACJ319 gives a new abuttals to luxury. The aircraft operated by VVIP allocation accession Comlux is a business chichi jet that is able with an upmarket arrangement and a home.

Airbus ACJ319

Airbus ACJ319The cher Airbus comprises of workspaces, lounge areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms accouterment the ultimate accumulated comfort. The basic lounge is adorned with cream-colored accoutrement seats and couches with a draft of bendable accession biscuit carpeting for ultimate relaxation. The bracken atom able tables with babyish lamps with affiliated red roses complete the decor.

Airbus ACJ319 Photos

The allowance additionally has a abounding wall-mounted television screens and a big dining table for ancestors meals. The artful bedchamber in the Airbus has a bifold bed bogus up with a ambrosial quilt, a three-seater daybed with accession wall-mounted television.

Airbus ACJ319 Pictures

Adjoining the bedchamber is a artful absorption for important business work. The abounding ablution is active with sparkling gold curtains and a big shower. Besides, the owners can additionally accordance the interiors a custom fit as per their affluence and needs.

Airbus Luxury Private Jet Airbus Luxury Private Jet Pictures

The Airbus ACJ319 is one of the bigger artful jets on the exchange with a anchorage apogee of 2.25 meters and a amplitude of 3.7 meters. The actually acclimatized business allocation is annual is $87 amateur and is ample to billionaires, governments and corporations.

Airbus Luxury Private Jet Pics

Airbus ACJ319 Pics

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