Citation X Private Jet

“No Blackout Dates – No Fuel Surcharge – No Hassle”

Soar through the skies on the fastest private jet on the market, the Citation X. With speeds of .92 Mach, this super mid-size aircraft cuts coast to coast travel down by upwards of 45 minutes to an hour. Each aircraft is configured with eight bucket seats designed for individual luxury and comfort and built for trans- continental travel with range of over 3,300 miles with a full load.

The Citation X Jets that the air carriers fly are 2007, 2008 aircraft and are ARG/US platinum rated which is the highest rating offered by the third party auditing service.

Passenger Capacity 8 People
Cruising Speed 604 mph
Range 3300 statute miles
Length 23.9 ft.
Width 5.6 ft.
Height 5.7 ft.
Baggage Capacity 82 cubic ft.

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