Citation Mustang

 Citation Mustang

The Citation MustangTake your Relationship with Aviation to The Next Level.

The Citation Mustang is single-pilot-certified and features the same avionics package, the Garmin G1000, as the majority of our single-engine and Caravan aircraft, making the transition into jet ownership easier than ever.

Extraordinarily high levels of performance and assurance are now available in a jet aircraft costing millions less. Whether it’s a business tool or recreational vehicle, the Mustang will not disappoint.

It’s an entirely new kind of business jet. One that’s designed – and priced – to bring the dream of jet ownership comfortably within reach of a whole new class of aircraft operators. Ample cabin-class seating, true jet speed and a good half-continent of range come together with a price tag that’s almost a million dollars lower than that of any comparable aircraft. And above all, it’s a Cessna. So as your needs grow and missions expand, your next Citation will be waiting for you, quite literally, in the wings. This natural, seamless process can take you from where you are today all the way to the fastest business aircraft in history. – Cessna

Technical Data:


Maximum Cruise Speed 340 ktas
Maximum Range  1 1,150 nm
Takeoff Distance (S.L., ISA, MTOW)  2 3,110 ft
Landing Distance (S.L., ISA, MLW) 2,380 ft
Maximum Operating Altitude 41,000 ft
Maximum Climb Rate (Sea Level) 3,010 fpm
MMO Mach 0.63

Avionics & Powerplant

Avionics Garmin G1000
Manufacturer Pratt & Whitney
Model (2) PW615F
Power Output 1,460 lb
Time Between Overhaul 3,500 hr


Maximum Ramp Weight 8,730 lb
Maximum Takeoff Weight 8,645 lb
Maximum Landing Weight 8,000 lb
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 6,750 lb
Usable Fuel Capacity
Weight 2,580 lb
Volume 385 gal
Typically-Equipped Empty Weight  1 5,585 lb
Useful Load 3,145 lb
Maximum Payload 1,165 lb
Full Fuel Payload 565 lb
Baggage Capacity
Weight 718 lb
Volume 63 cu ft


Length 40 ft 7 in
Height 13 ft 5 in
Wingspan 43 ft 2 in
Wing Area 210 sq ft
Length  2 9 ft 9 in
Maximum Height 54 in
Maximum Width 55 in
Seating Capacity 5 – 5
Single Pilot Certified Yes


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