Beechcraft King Air 350i

 Beechcraft King Air 350i

Beechcraft King Air 350i TurbopropWith class–leading capabilities and efficiency, the next–generation King Air 350i is the responsible, sustainable alternative that business aviation has been waiting for. As its segment’s greenest aircraft, the King Air 350i can take more passengers farther on less fuel for consistent savings for your business. Plus, state–of–the–art design and performance enhancements represent new heights of power and durability.

The King Air 350i’s new interior is the most comfortable and capable cabin ever offered in its class. The 350i’s revolutionary Flexcabin™ system can be reconfigured for work or play, while the new Venue™ Cabin Management System makes flying more productive, entertaining and relaxing.

Whether you’re traveling to major airports or unimproved airstrips, the versatility and comfort of the King Air 350i will show you why pilots, companies and governments in 105 countries have trusted more than 6,500 King Airs over the years – more than any other business aircraft.

If you require extended range or high–performance special mission aircraft, the endurance and economy of the new King Air 350iER (Extended Range) delivers the ultimate solution. This King Air can be custom modified to fulfill a wide variety of long–distance, highly technical missions.

Technical Data:

Seating Configuration Standard Metric
(Crew + standard pax / Max pax) 1 + 9 / 11 1 + 9 / 11
Avionics Standard Metric
Manufacturer Collins Collins
Suite Pro Line 21 Pro Line 21
Engines Standard Metric
Manufacturer P&WC P&WC
Type PT6A-60A PT6A-60A
Power Rating 1,050 shp 783 kW
Dimensions (External) Standard Metric
Wingspan 57 ft 11 in 17.65 m
Max Airplane Length 46 ft 8 in 14.22 m
Max Tail Height 14 ft 4 in 4.37 m
Dimensions (Internal) Cabin Standard Metric
Length 19 ft 6 in 5.94 m
Width 4 ft 6 in 1.37 m
Height 4 ft 9 in 1.45 m
Baggage Capacity 71.3 cu. ft 2.0 cu. m
Max Baggage Weight 1,150 lb 522 kg
Weights Standard Metric
Max Ramp Weight 15,100 lb 6,849 kg
Max Takeoff Weight 15,000 lb 6,804 kg
Max Zero Fuel Weight 12,500 lb 5,670 kg
Max Landing Weight 15,000 lb 6,804 kg
Useable Fuel Capacity 3,611 lb 1,638 kg
Basic Operating Weight* 10,000 lb 4,536 kg
Max Payload 2,500 lb 1,134 kg
Useful Load 5,100 lb 2,313 kg


Performance Standard Metric
Maximum Cruise Speed 313 kt 580 km/h
Range: Max Payload 947 nm 1,754 km
Range: Full Fuel/Available Payload 1,606 nm 2,974 km
Range: 4 Passengers 1,714 nm 3,174 km
Range: Ferry 1,805 nm 3,343 km
Max Operating Altitude 35,000 ft 10,668 m
Take-off Field Length (MTOW) 3,300 ft 1,006 m
Landing Field Length (MLW) 2,692 ft 821 m

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