MMA Fighter’s Abuse Leaves Pregnant Partner Struggling for Breath

 MMA Fighter’s Abuse Leaves Pregnant Partner Struggling for Breath

Credit: BPM Media

Bekah Smith, a mother from Kirkby, endured a harrowing ordeal at the hands of her MMA fighter boyfriend, Karl Draper, who subjected her to relentless domestic abuse over several years, including during her pregnancy. The abuse escalated to the point where Bekah feared for her life and the safety of their unborn child. Draper’s controlling behavior and physical assaults left Bekah in a state of constant terror, struggling to breathe and fearing the loss of her baby.

Despite the severe abuse, Bekah found the courage to seek justice, leading to Draper’s admission of his crimes in court. He pled guilty to engaging in controlling or coercive behavior and five counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Liverpool Crown Court sentenced him to two years in prison and issued a five-year restraining order, prohibiting him from contacting Bekah.

The court heard about the multiple instances of abuse Bekah suffered at Draper’s hands, starting from the early days of their relationship. One of the initial incidents involved Draper harming a puppy they had just acquired, followed by an attack on Bekah herself. Despite recognizing the warning signs, Bekah, influenced by emotional blackmail and threats of self-harm from Draper, felt compelled to stay in the relationship, as per the report Itv.

Throughout her pregnancy, Bekah endured further abuse, with Draper’s jealousy and baseless accusations leading to more violent episodes. Even after the birth of their son, the abuse did not cease, with Draper’s aggression causing Bekah’s C-section scar to reopen during one altercation.

Bekah’s attempts to leave the relationship were met with threats from Draper, who manipulated her with warnings of self-harm and even death. The cycle of abuse continued until Bekah, no longer able to tolerate the torment, reported Draper to the police, ending their relationship for good.

In response to her ordeal and the shortcomings in the legal system’s protection for victims, Bekah initiated a petition advocating for enhanced support and safety measures for victims post-charge. She highlighted the need for more stringent enforcement of bail conditions to prevent further harassment and intimidation by the accused.

The sentencing judge, the Honorary Recorder of Liverpool Andrew Menary KC, underscored the gravity of Draper’s actions, emphasizing the severe psychological impact on Bekah and the potential for even more serious consequences. Menary recognized the dual nature of abusers like Draper, who present a facade to the public while revealing a more sinister side in private. The judge also acknowledged Draper’s challenges but affirmed that immediate imprisonment was the only fitting response to his prolonged abusive behavior.

Bekah’s ordeal and subsequent advocacy shed light on the devastating effects of domestic abuse and the urgent need for a more robust support system for survivors, ensuring their safety and well-being in the aftermath of such traumatic experiences.

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