Patrick Clancy Runs Boston Marathon in Honor of 3 Children Killed by Wife Lindsay Clancy

 Patrick Clancy Runs Boston Marathon in Honor of 3 Children Killed by Wife Lindsay Clancy


Patrick Clancy, a grieving father from Massachusetts, completed this year’s Boston Marathon in a poignant tribute to his three young children who tragically lost their lives. The children, allegedly murdered by their own mother, were remembered by Clancy as he crossed the finish line with a jersey inscribed with the message, “In memory of Cora, Dawson & Callan. Every mile, every day.”

The marathon took place on April 15, and Clancy finished the grueling race just shy of four hours, recording an official time of 03:59:19, as per the Boston Athletic Association’s results. Despite the physical strain, Clancy found solace in the act, telling WCVB, “It was a lot of work and my legs really hurt, but I’m more proud of all the money we raised for charity.” He described the race as therapeutic and mentioned that thinking of his children gave him the motivation to push through the pain.

The tragedy that led Clancy to run stemmed from a horrific incident more than a year prior, in which his wife, Lindsay Clancy, allegedly took the lives of their children—5-year-old Cora, 3-year-old Dawson, and 8-month-old Callan—before attempting to end her own life. Following this devastating event, Patrick Clancy decided to channel his grief into a positive effort by participating in the marathon to raise funds for the Boston Children’s Hospital through the Miles for Miracles team.

On the hospital’s fundraising page, Patrick shared heartfelt reflections about his children. “In the short time they were here, my kids brought me so much joy and couldn’t have made their dad prouder,” he wrote. He spoke of the profound impact their loss had on him and his commitment to honor their memory by contributing to positive change, inspired by the joy and love they brought into his life.

Patrick’s fundraising efforts were remarkably successful, bringing in more than $73,000, surpassing his initial goal of $65,000. He expressed his gratitude towards the donors on the fundraising page, emphasizing how their support propelled him forward during his marathon training and on the day of the race.

In his reflections, Patrick fondly remembered each child’s unique personality. He described Cora as a caring older sister who aspired to be both a doctor and a mother, showing a nurturing nature from a young age. Dawson, he recalled, was exceptionally friendly and loved by all, with a particular affection for fire trucks and the animated series Paw Patrol. Callan, known affectionately as “Happy Callan,” was always joyful, bringing laughter and happiness to those around him.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Clancy has pleaded not guilty to three counts of first-degree murder and is currently receiving mental health treatment at Tewksbury State Hospital, as reported by The Boston Globe. As legal proceedings continue, Patrick Clancy remains focused on preserving the memory of his children and turning a narrative of profound loss into one of hope and remembrance.

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