Pastor Dressed as the Grinch Stands Outside School Telling Young Kids ‘Santa Is Fake’

 Pastor Dressed as the Grinch Stands Outside School Telling Young Kids ‘Santa Is Fake’

David Grisham/Facebook

In Amarillo, Texas, a local pastor named David Harold Grisham, dressed as the Grinch, sparked controversy by standing outside Sleepy Hollow Elementary School with a sign declaring “Santa is Fake. Jesus is Real.” Grisham, who has been vocal about his belief that children should not be deceived about Santa Claus, faced backlash from parents for potentially spoiling the Christmas spirit for their children.

Despite not presenting any evidence to support his claim, Grisham claimed he was the victim of assault outside the school and accused the police of limiting his freedom of speech, as detailed in a post he shared on Facebook. A video on Youtube shows Grisham in a confrontation with a parent, leading to a minor scuffle over his sign.

Grisham, donning a Grinch mask, continued his demonstration outside the school, seemingly oblivious to the irony of his costume choice, given the Grinch’s eventual love for Christmas in the popular story. His presence was met with disapproval from parents, but he remained steadfast in his position.

On his Facebook page, Grisham remarked on the societal implications of protecting the Santa Claus story, expressing concern over the country’s values. Amarillo Police confirmed Grisham was legally protesting on the sidewalk and did not break any laws.

Kelsey Williams, the school’s principal, expressed disappointment and concern over the distress caused to the school community by Grisham’s actions. Previously, Grisham has been known for his anti-Santa stance, even altering the classic Christmas poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ into a version where Santa is shot, highlighting his belief in prioritizing the celebration of Christ.

Grisham, describing himself as deeply devoted to Jesus Christ, stated he leads a group of street preachers who aim to spread the Gospel outside of church settings. He has also called for more individuals to join his cause and requested financial support for these activities.

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