Ontario boy celebrates birthday at Metro grocery store: ‘I’m not crying, you are

 Ontario boy celebrates birthday at Metro grocery store: ‘I’m not crying, you are

(Photos via Hadas Brajtman/Facebook)

A 4-year-old child in Ontario celebrated his birthday in an unusual but memorable way: by learning the ropes at his neighborhood grocery shop.

“A few months ago, our three-year-old son began talking about having his upcoming birthday party at Metro. Yes, Metro the grocery store. He called it his ‘Metro Party’ and was super excited about it,” mom Hadas Brajtman wrote in a Facebook post.

As per Yahoo, she went on to say that her family, which includes birthday boy Lev, sister Lily, and father Ilan, frequently shops at that specific grocery store in Picton, Ont., since it’s walking distance from their house, the staff is friendly, and they like bumping into other members of the neighborhood.

“When our son told us he really wanted to have his party there, it kind of made sense, and while we thought it was the cutest thing ever, we never considered it a real possibility,” Brajtman added.

The Ontario mother claimed her son was able to witness his “dream come true” due to the grocery store’s assistant manager, Paul Jones, and store manager, Murray Lupenette, as well as staff.

The “action-packed” celebration began about 11:30 a.m. on Jan. 21, when the family and party-goers were warmly greeted inside the store.

Posters reading “happy birthday” and banners saying “Metro welcomes you to Lev’s 4th birthday party” were placed throughout the store, and each child was given a Metro hat and nametag to make them feel at home.

“Paul planned several experience points around the store that engaged the children, giving them a chance to partake in day-to-day store activities, as well as some pretty out-of-the-box ideas!” Brajtman penned in her post.

The party started with a serenade at the service desk, where everyone sang “Happy Birthday to You” over the store’s PA system.

The kids were then treated to a variety of entertaining activities throughout the day, including stocking produce, touring the meat department, making pizzas, decorating cupcakes, and going on a grocery shopping treasure hunt.

“The kids were invited upstairs where the staff break room had been transformed into the coolest party room ever! Balloons, streamers, snack tables, drinks, pizzas, ice cream, and cake,” Brajtman wrote.

“They even had Peppa Pig playing on the TV, and a team member singing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ to Lev over the PA system. During that time, different staff members, Murray (the owner) and Paul were there with us making sure everyone was happy and genuinely partaking in the fun experience with us.”

To finish the exciting afternoon, Metro workers presented each child with a loot bag loaded with goods such as food, stickers, puzzles, Play-Doh, animal figurines, a Metro shirt, and an apron.

“All this happened in two hours, and let me just say, it was everything,” Brajtman shared. “Metro knocked it out of the park!”

Brajtman thanked the grocery store’s employees and management team for a “truly remarkable experience” on Sunday.

“You were so incredibly generous with your time, resources, creativity, and for going above and beyond to create an experience that we will all remember for the rest of our lives,” she added.

“Beyond that, I want to note the fact that you didn’t brush off an idea that came your way, even though it had never been done before and even more so because it came from a three-year-old.

Thank you for listening, for demonstrating the true heart and soul of our community, and how impactful our business community is.”

Members of the Your Prince Edward County Community Page shared their own delight at the “cute” photos, giving the impression that the entire community was celebrating. Since it went live, the post has received over 6,400 replies and 4,000 shares.

“I’m not crying, you are. Omg, that’s got to be the best good news story of the year. Thank you for sharing it,” one person wrote.

“Thanks for sharing this! It put a smile on my face. What an amazing memory this will be. Admittedly, I am jealous because I would want this as a party for my adult self,” someone joked.

“Oh. My. Gosh!! This is truly epic and a completely fantastic, thoughtful, and heartwarming gesture for little Lev! This is truly the best feel-good story I have heard in a long time, and restores faith in humanity,” someone else shared. “What an experience for the little ones!”

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