OC woman released from Fountain Valley hospital after a nearly fatal battle with COVID-19

 OC woman released from Fountain Valley hospital after a nearly fatal battle with COVID-19

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The Covid-19 pandemic once again reminded us this winter that it will probably be here for a long time since the Omicron variant of the virus spreads across the country with unseen infection rates since the start of the pandemic.

Omicron easily evades all types of immunity a person can have and it will additionally cause headaches to the health officials in convincing vaccine-hesitant people to change their minds to getting vaccinated since the current vaccines don’t offer significant protection of getting infected from the virus.

A ‘special group’ of people are those who believe they are healthy and can easily overcome Covid-19 once infected. These are people who probably won’t change their minds about getting vaccinated anytime soon despite the fact that vaccines are proven to help and offer more than decent protection when it comes to preventing hospitalization or death.

So was the case with the 26-year-old W. Ho from California, who decided to skip the vaccine because she considered herself healthy and without any underlying health conditions. But in the summer, she contracted the virus and in a short period of time she developed severe pneumonia, ended up in hospital and doctors worked for months to help her recover using a ventilator.

According to Newsweek who reported about this case two days ago, Ho was discharged from hospital last week on Friday after spending seven and a half months there. Now she urges everyone to get vaccinated against Covid-19 no matter how healthy they feel in an effort to avoid her situation.

One of her physicians Dr. Hoang Le told ABC 7 that there were multiple times when the young patient nearly died. “It was definitely not once, not twice, but multiple times that it was very challenging to kind of get her out of that dark hole,” Lee said.

As soon as Ho was released from the hospital, she got vaccinated against the deadly virus. “I feel I was meant to catch it, to relay the message that young people my age need to get vaccinated,” she told ABC 7 upon her release.

Speaking to ABC 7, Ho said she “looks at lifeway differently now” as she was thanking everyone at the hospital who helped her with the recovery process and during the seven-month-long stay there. Ho is among the many who decided not to get vaccinated for all the wrong reasons but later developed severe conditions. Ho is lucky to still be alive and is thankful for the second chance in life.

Ho was discharged from hospital in a period when the United States faces probably the most powerful Covid-19 wave since the start of the pandemic almost two years ago. A few days ago, the country reported the highest number of new daily Covid-19 cases surpassing 1 million cases in a single day. Meanwhile, two dozen states have reported record high Covid-19 numbers amid rising hospitalizations and healthcare staffing shortages.

Pfizer and Moderna already confirmed they are working on Omicron-adjusted vaccines that should be ready for use no earlier than March.

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