New miracle medicine may extend the human lifespan to 200 years

 New miracle medicine may extend the human lifespan to 200 years

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Human life span could be increased by up to 200 years thanks to a new miracle medicine. The British computational biologist Dr. Andrew Steele just released a new book on how long people live. In the book, the doctor makes the case that, with the help of a novel medicine, it is entirely possible for a human to live longer than our typical 100-year lifetime.

According to Dr. Steele, a more recent area of study called senolytics may provide a miracle drug that increases human life. (Via Thred)

The goal of this area of research is to develop medications that kill the cells that impair tissue function. Scientists call these senescent cells, and they stop dividing over the course of our lives. When that happens, they begin the ‘zombie cells’ begin to accumulate. This is what releases the compounds that speed up the aging process, as per BGR reported.

However, if senolytic medications can destroy these cells, it would prevent the release of those substances. This might completely stop the aging process. In a trial for the medications conducted in the year 2020, mice showed extraordinary outcomes that increased physical function and increased lifespan, and health. Many people think we could extend human life similarly since mice and human gene functions are so similar.

Can humans live too long?

The idea of increasing human life is fascinating. And for many years, scientists have been trying to find a way to slow down or even stop aging altogether. In fact, prominent scientists have asserted in the past that we’re not far from being able to reverse the effects of human aging. However, it’s unclear if it would actually totally halt the aging process.

Analytics seems to expand on that notion. While Dr. Steele claims that the drugs created via this field of research could increase human life to 200 years. He adds that he does not perceive any biological or physical basis for setting a strict limit on the average lifespan of people. But is that what people actually want?

You’re going to have to decide for yourself whether or not people can live too long. Some people might not be in favor of the idea of living forever given the ongoing threats posed by climate change, such as the recently discovered generated massive hole in the ozone layer.

But if you do, you’ll be glad to hear that this field is still being researched. In fact, others are working hard to ensure its success beyond Dr. Steele. Millions of dollars are already being spent on medicine and technology by rich people like Jeff Bezos in an effort to extend human life. Given the amount of money being invested in the concept, it seems more likely that we will find a way to entirely stop aging than that it will ever occur.

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