Allegedly a Texas mother threatened to throw her 3-year-old in the oven and chop her children with knives

 Allegedly a Texas mother threatened to throw her 3-year-old in the oven and chop her children with knives


In a tense standoff with law enforcement, a 36-year-old woman found herself in custody after barricading herself in the attic of her residence. The incident unfolded on Feb. 5 at 8:53 a.m. when the Allen Police Department SWAT team descended upon Lul Top’s home located on the 1500 block of Tanglewood Drive.

Their mission: was to execute six arrest warrants for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and to carry out a search warrant for the premises. Upon the arrival of the SWAT team, Top reportedly retreated into the confines of her attic, refusing to engage in negotiations with the law enforcement officers. Despite attempts to coax her out, she remained steadfast.

After an hour of fruitless dialogue, SWAT members resorted to deploying chemical agents. Finally, at 10:50 a.m., Top relented and surrendered to authorities. Court records from Collin County shed light on the severity of the situation, with a judge deeming Top a “danger to the community” and subsequently denying her bond.

Details emerging from the warrants shed disturbing light on Top’s alleged actions. According to the warrant cited by KDFW-TV, on Jan. 8, Top purportedly assaulted her husband in the presence of their six children, striking him with a stick. Child Protective Services intervened, removing the children from the home and initiating investigations through the Children’s Advocacy Center.

Shockingly, Top’s 3-year-old child recounted a horrifying encounter, alleging that Top attempted to force her into a heated oven. It was only through the intervention of her 10-year-old sibling that the younger child was saved from harm, as the sibling reportedly had to physically intervene to rescue her.

Further revelations from the children painted a grim picture of their living conditions. Allegedly, Top frequently abused alcohol and coerced her children into replenishing her supply. Threats of violence loomed large, with Top purportedly menacing to sever their hands with a cleaver if they failed to comply.

One child recounted a harrowing experience wherein Top allegedly held a knife to their tongue, compelling them to consume alcohol. Such terrorizing behavior was reportedly commonplace, with threats of death hanging ominously over the household.

Disturbingly, KDFW reports that marks resembling knife cuts were found on the bodies of the 3-year-old and her 4-year-old sibling. Adding another layer of complexity to the case, a man filed a protective order against Top on Feb. 2, though the nature of his relationship with Top remains ambiguous.

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