Mother-in-law ‘ruins’ gender reveal for expecting mother, and ‘devastating’ video is going viral

 Mother-in-law ‘ruins’ gender reveal for expecting mother, and ‘devastating’ video is going viral


A first-time mom-to-be was clearly shaken when her mother-in-law “ruined” her baby’s big gender reveal moment, and now millions of TikTokers are telling her that the behavior could be a huge red flag.

While over-the-top gender reveals, big pregnancy announcements, and expensive first birthday celebrations used to be shared online for viral clout, many parents are now turning to social media to express how fast these joyful experiences can turn disappointing.

This mother-in-law’s conduct during her grandson’s gender reveal is going viral for all the wrong reasons, just like the angry dad who totally lost it when he found out he was having another little girl or the wife who was devastated by her husband’s “humiliating” behavior at their son’s first birthday party.

The video, which was uploaded by mom-to-be Alyssa (@abmontgomery07), had 1.8 million views and 173,000 likes.

“Is my MIL having his baby or am I,” Alyssa’s video caption reads.

While we’ve seen controversial mother-in-law moments go viral in the past, such as the grandma-to-be who gave a secret baby shower just for herself or the MIL who revealed her son’s rainbow baby on Facebook without the parents’ consent, this is the first time we’ve seen a grandma-to-be do it. Alyssa’s video sheds light on the expectations vs. realities of Pinterest-worthy family experiences.

While Alyssa’s now-viral gender reveal video was posted over a year ago, it was just given a second life due to TikTok user Jessica (@jessicabaileyhassan), who reacted to the video using the green screen effect.

Jessica’s video, which was posted just a week ago, has received over 6.5 million views, 787,000 likes, 9,000 comments, and 33,000 saves.

“Ladies, this is your sign,” Jessica’s video begins. “If he’s a mama’s boy, if he has a ‘boy mom’ that’s overbearing and she’s already bothering you before the marriage, run.”

Jessica continues, “His mother ruined that moment for the pregnant [woman] … She didn’t even wait for him to hug his wife … Look at her face. She’s absolutely devastated.”

While comments were disabled in Alyssa’s initial video, they flooded in in response to Jessica’s green screen video.

“That poor mama looked so hurt and angry, I would’ve yelled at her. My MIL is overbearing and that’s why we didn’t have a gender reveal,” wrote @z.bee21.

“Definitely run! I dealt with this 11 years ago luckily didn’t get married but had a child who is apparently hers and her son’s child. RUN!” commented @sakurablossom90xx.

“I’ve been with men like that. It got so bad! Coming over to clean, look through his things, even when him not there or either of us,” @callmemelissuhh wrote.

However, not everyone felt the mother-in-law’s behavior was inappropriate.

“Why can’t she hug her son, she’s excited 😊 my mom would do the same,” commented @mookiefruity.

While we don’t know much about Alyssa and her mother-in-law’s relationship or what happened following this viral moment, we do know that Alyssa and her husband have now welcomed a healthy baby boy called Cal.

However, it appears that Alyssa’s viral video legacy goes on, with comments criticizing her mother-in-law’s behavior appearing in other unrelated videos.

“Im waiting to see the mother-in-law try and breastfeed the baby lol,” wrote @oscillatingwildly224 in response to a video Alyssa uploaded of their first week with baby Cal.

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