Mother and Boyfriend Arrested After 4-Year-Old’s Tragic Death

 Mother and Boyfriend Arrested After 4-Year-Old’s Tragic Death

(Fredericktown Police Department)

Police apprehended a mother and her boyfriend subsequent to the demise of a 4-year-old boy last week, who exhibited signs of malnourishment and numerous injuries.

Last Wednesday, March 27, around 1 a.m., officers were summoned to Madison Medical Center by the Fredericktown Police Department concerning suspicious circumstances surrounding an unresponsive juvenile. Medical staff conveyed to responding officers that the child had passed away and displayed indications of abuse or neglect.

The child, visibly malnourished, bore bruises, abrasions, and lacerations across his body as observed by KMOV-TV.

At the medical facility, authorities detained the mother, identified as Rylee Fararro, while her boyfriend, Hayden Rosener, was also located and taken in for questioning.

KSDK-TV reports that Rosener and Fararro shared custody of the child. On the fateful night of the incident, Rosener purportedly delivered the unresponsive child to Fararro, who rushed him to the hospital while Rosener remained behind.

Fararro claimed to officials that she works approximately 60 hours weekly, with Rosener serving as the primary caregiver for the child. Suspicious marks and bruises on her son became apparent to Fararro when Rosener began looking after the boy, as per KSDK.

The mother reportedly exhibited photos of the boy’s bruises and marks to investigators, suspecting Rosener of abusing the victim but refraining from reporting it to law enforcement. Furthermore, Fararro alleged that her boyfriend discouraged her from seeking medical attention for her son, KSDK adds.

When questioned about the child’s malnourishment, Fararro admitted noticing her son becoming thinner, but Rosener dismissed it as normal. Rosener informed officers during interrogation that the victim frequently experienced temper tantrums and complained of stomachaches and defecation issues.

According to KSDK, Rosener recounted an incident on March 26 where the victim allegedly threw himself in the bathroom, hitting his head against the toilet edge, causing previous injuries to reopen. Rosener purportedly confessed to having “gone too far” during one incident but declined to provide specifics.

Both Fararro and Rosener admitted to authorities their opioid addiction, acknowledging frequent drug use within the apartment where the child resided, reports KMOV. A probable cause statement obtained by the news outlet indicates officers found unsanctioned ground-up oxycodone in Rosener’s possession while changing into his jail uniform.

The couple faces charges of child abuse or neglect resulting in death and first-degree endangerment of a child resulting in death. Additionally, Rosener faces a charge of possession of a controlled substance, with his bond set at $1 million and Fararro’s at $500,000.

KSDK notes that several months preceding the tragedy, in November 2023, the Missouri Department of Social Services Children’s Division visited the suspects’ residence, with a case worker recommending the child not be left alone with Rosener due to his purported drug use and unpredictable behavior.

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