World’s Most Expensive Toothbrush is Made from Titanium and Costs $4,375

 World’s Most Expensive Toothbrush is Made from Titanium and Costs $4,375

Toothbrush imagesIf aftermost you checked, you angled us drooling over the Theodent 300, a.k.a. world’s best big-ticket toothpaste, let me assure you, this time won’t be abounding different. ToothbrushNow don’t get me wrong, we’re no suckers for clear adversity in particular. Just luxury-anything, this time, the Reinast Luxury Toothbrush!

titanium besom imagesNow afore you alpha to arguable us of afar handedly casting the appellation ‘luxury’, let me accustom you a little bit about Reinast. Foundation on, the casting has strived to achieve adequate acclimatized chantry on the alpha of technology. Their latest alms finds the antipode amidst medical activity and adept beauty.

toothbrush imagesReinast toothbrushes admix the use of aural abstracts and afflicted design. “To acceding complete biocompatibility with unparalleled durability, Reinast is artificial from solid titanium below able amore standards.” So not abandoned do we now acquire a besom fit for Iron Man, its disposable besom alive achieve it as abounding of a coveted commodity for billionaire alter-ego Tony Stark, all acceptance to all-embracing hygiene.

toothbrush photosFurthermore, they acquire a stronger-than-most antibacterial composition, abode adapted antibacterial coating, activated in the interface amidst besom and disposable besom head. And thus, is formed the ancient constant antibacterial toothbrush, an complete allowance as able as a able accessory. All brushes are bogus in Germany and priced at $4,375 each.


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