World’s Most Expensive Laptop Case

 World’s Most Expensive Laptop Case

Diamond Laptop Sleeve

The World’s most expensive Laptop Sleeve was just designed by the Dutch fashionable laptop sleeve company CoverBee. Diamonds have always had a special place in our hearts, and now they will cover our Laptops… Made of more than 8,800 (yes that’s right, eight-thousand eight-hundred) round cut Diamonds that are graded VS clarity and F in colour, each with their own, unique certificate of origin.

The opening is protected with rare black sable fur from Siberia. This laptop sleeve is absolutely a lover’s and collector’s item. As such, CoverBee has just designed the world’s most expensive laptop sleeve with a proud sales price of $11,000,000. You can make an order for the Diamond Sleeve by contacting CoverBee directly via: Note: only serious enquiries will be followed up. The shipment will be handled by a prominent Secure Logistics company, that is normally used to carry gold bars and bank notes of the Federal Bank. For more information please visit the CoverBee website.

Proven history

The lucky owner of a CoverBee Diamond Laptop Sleeve will have the unique chance of protecting his/her beloved laptop with a sleeve that costs multiple times more than the laptop itself. This makes sense, because laptops have become a commodity. Price drops over the last years have meant that sleeves, logically, should soon cost more than laptops. Or not? Especially when they are as unique and luxurious as the Diamond Sleeve. Peter van Soldt, CEO of CoverBee, laughed: “We are a little crazy here, but only thanks to this attitude we can design brilliant products.” And who will order an item like the Diamond Sleeve? Peter continues: “History has proven that the more extravagant and crazy the product is, the more likely it is that there will be someone out there who appreciates it and will want to buy it. Besides… accessories have always been popular across all cultures and ages, and so has fine jewellery. This makes our new Diamond Laptop Sleeve design a must-have for collectors!”

The making off

Inspired by the “I Am Rich” iPhone app (costing $999.99) back in 2008, CoverBee needed a little more than two years to perfect the design of the world’s most expensive laptop sleeve. To start with, the designers of CoverBee needed to find a way to stitch the diamonds onto the sleeve. This is no easy task, as there are thousands of diamonds to work with and they have to ensure the strength of the Sleeve on all sides. However, the method has been developed and the sleeve with it’s eight-thousand eight-hundred diamonds will have the strength of any other sleeve. One additional problem remained: The Diamonds could scratch the laptop at the opening. The solution for this was to include a rare black sable fur at the opening of the sleeve. This fur from Siberia not only made for a beautiful design, but it also feels great in your hand as you insert your laptop. Don’t worry, CoverBee never kills animals and if using animals at all, only animals who died of a natural cause.

Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds…

Always a symbol of the rich and famous, Kings and Queens covered in Diamonds… much the opposite of social equality, diamonds are a symbol of our materialistic need as human beings. Most diamonds originate from countries where the people who work in the diamond mines will never be able to buy what they are finding. CoverBee is determined to make a statement with its $11,000,000 Laptop Sleeve that shows the world how everything is fine, for as long as there is somebody who wants to buy it. Or is it not? – CoverBee

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