World’s most expensive cufflinks Cost $4.2 million

 World’s most expensive cufflinks Cost $4.2 million

Worlds Most Expensive CufflinksStyle they say is more about the personality than the clothes. It’s the way the person carries himself that creates a lasting image in the mind of others.But every once in awhile, a little help in the form of some dazzling accessories is always welcome. For the man who exudes style and charm, a little help in the form of cufflinks is never too much. Adding just the spark to your look, the cufflinks I am referring to are none other than the Jacob & Co. Canary Diamond cufflinks, the world’s most expensive cufflinks! With an asking price of $4.2 million a pair, these cufflinks are indeed for the extraordinary man.


Stunning in every way, these exquisite cufflinks are made in 18k white gold, feature a centerpiece of over 21 karats of canary yellow diamonds, flanked by 10.76 karats of baguette cut white diamonds. Breathtaking would be an understatement to describe these alluring cufflinks. While most would be out of breath by hearing the price of these cufflinks, the man who has it all and craves to stand apart will surely have no qualms on shelling out the dough that these cufflinks command.

Cufflinks Pictures

Worlds Most Expensive Cufflinks Pictures

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