World’s Most Expensive Cocktail Dress

 World’s Most Expensive Cocktail Dress

Most Expensive Cocktail Dress

Tov International has taken the haute couture fashion world with storm with its $15 million cocktail dress made out of diamonds. The most expensive cocktail dress was unveiled at the American Gem Society’s Conclave Fashion Show 2012.

The black cocktail dress designed by New York-based designers Chloe and Reese, comprises hundreds from the Firm’s three carat round diamond collection. Each diamond in the little black dress has been paid due attention to. Therefore, what you get in return are eighty-five diamonds, all certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS, adorning the bodice of the cocktail dress. The sleeves and back, on the other hand, were given four and seven gems each respectively.

So, how did the idea of creating the cocktail dress come about? It was Tov’s desire to do something different, something that has not been tried before, that, according to its owner, Rony Majer, let the dress happen. The Chloe and Reese creation is seen as a platform where the company can showcase its mesmerizing collection of three carat round diamonds, Majer added further.

While New York is literally bustling with hundreds of talented designers for people to choose from, Chloe and Reese were selected primarily because they, in Tov’s view, had the talent, reputation and aesthetic needed to make the dream dress a reality.

If Tov sounded delighted to have on board a leading brand like Chloe and Reese, then the celebrated fashion house was oozing with positive energy too. According to the house’s president Samantha Grey, working with Tov International on the Haute Couture was both challenging and exciting. All said and done, while the dress, with its exaggerating price tag cannot be described as everybody’s cup of tea, let us least stay content merely by looking at the dazzling creation. – Bornrich

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