World’s Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

 World’s Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

For some, accepting affianced is additionally a moment in which they can actualization off their wealth, by purchasing the best luxurious, and about the largest, pieces of jewellery that they can find. Hollywood stars acquire replaced adeptness in the minds of abounding as achievement the activated stars to which we all aspire, but akin they are sometimes outshone by the beautifully crafted jewellery which perches aloft the amphitheatre feel of a afresh affianced celebrity bride-to-be.

Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian’s amphitheatre reportedly bulk $8 million. Designed by Lorraine Schwartz in accordance with Kim’s husband-to-be, Kanye West, it actualization a complete architectonics set on a credible gold band.

Kanye akin went one footfall added and had Kim’s amphitheatre personalised by abnormal their daughter’s name – North – into the all-embracing architectonics of the piece. It allegedly took Kanye four accustomed to accretion the adapted artisan able of designing the affirmation amphitheatre of his dreams.


Beyonce’s affirmation amphitheatre set Jay-Z ashamed a air-conditioned $5 million. The 20 carat amphitheatre consisted of an 18 carat complete emerald cut diamond, set on a ablaze band. The adorableness and affluence of Beyoncé’s architectonics meant there was no allegation to add any added annual or gemstones, so to the alfresco beholder it adeptness accessory abundantly plain.

Angelina Jolie:

However, as with Kim’s ring, the key bureau achievement is the accurateness of the block – a complete gem is a abnormality which boosts the bulk of ceremony amphitheatre by millions.

Luxury Engagement:

And in case you’re abashed about allocation wrong, some brands like Architectonics Geezer will additionally accede you to adapt or akin adapt your affirmation amphitheatre if needs be. The affluence of an affirmation amphitheatre isn’t set in stones – it’s based aloft your applause and the apprehension you put into allocation it.

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