World’s Most Expensive Bed

 World’s Most Expensive Bed

Most Expensive Bed

The renowned designer Stuart Hughes teamed up with Hebanon by Fratelli Basile Interiors of Nocera Superiore to create the world’s most exclusive bed: The Baldacchino Supreme. This luxurious bed is hand-made of 107 kg of solid 24 carat gold and it features small decorative applications which resemble gold leafs.

Baldacchino Supreme

The Baldacchino Supreme has a structure made from chestnut wood and curving ash wood with a canopy with edges in cherry wood. The lacquered, patinated and sponge batted bed also features the world’s finest Italian silk and cotton with no burn certification.

Luxurious Bed

From the first time you’ll gawk at it, you’ll feel that the Baldacchino Supreme is a sort of royal bed and judging by its price and availability, it’s really, really exclusive. All decorations are hand made and can be fully customized and the headboard of the bed can be embedded with diamonds or other precious stones the customer wants.

World Most Expensive Bed

The Baldacchino Supreme is priced at 4 million GBP or around $6.3 million and only two beds like this one will be ever made. – luxatic

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