Top 10 Most Expensive Food Items

 Top 10 Most Expensive Food Items

Yes, we all chaw bottomward copious amounts of pizza, hotdogs, cupcakes and burgers on a approved basis. Added generally than not, these are best out of fast-food alternation restaurants that don’t absolutely clasp the abdomen of our pockets.Recently, we came beyond a agglomeration of aliment options, big-ticket enough, to accomplish you anticipate alert afore asthmatic it all down! We’ve composed a account of the 10 best absurd and big-ticket aliment items in the world. Read beneath for a comestible fest fit for a king!

Gordon Ramsey’s Maze Restaurant Pizza:

Standing 10th on our account of the world’s best big-ticket and absurd foods is this commercially accessible and shockingly big-ticket pizza. Awash at Gordon Ramsey’s Maze Restaurant in the United Kingdom, this pizza is accessible in a thin-crust with onion puree, white truffle paste, fontina cheese, babyish mozzarella, pancetta, cep mushrooms, afresh best agrarian mizuna bill and topped with a attenuate Italian white truffle. The bulk is $178 alee depending on the bulk of truffles you opt for!

Chef Olivier Limousin’s Sausage and Mash:

We’ve all chomped on sausages and beverage before. Never accept we spent a whopping $115 for a allocation of the aforementioned before! Olivier Limousin, arch chef at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, baffled the art of affable the world’s best big-ticket sausages and mash, absolute atramentous truffles and braised in best Bordeaux.

The Douche Burger:

There are anointed burgers and again there are anointed burgers that amount a whopping $666! This beverage is the best big-ticket burger awash off a aliment barter and is alleged the Douche Burger. So what makes this contrarily conventional-looking burger so expensive? It’s ingredients! This one packs a beef patty captivated in aureate leaf, foie gras, caviar, lobster, truffles, alien age-old gruyere cheese, kopi luwak bbq booze and Himalayan bedrock salt!

Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata:

Well, this omelet ability not amount a bulk dollars as its name suggests, but it is cher abundant to accomplish to blow in shock. Served at Manhattan’s flush Le Parker Meridien Hotel, this is the world’smost big-ticket omelet, and for acceptable reason! This egg beverage is arranged with a accomplished lobster and is topped with caviar, blame its bulk tag from a reasonable $10 to a whopping $1,000!

The Aureate Phoenix Cupcake:

Standing 7th on our account is the Aureate Phoenix cupcake. Aloof as its name suggests, this cupcake is far from the accustomed and is fabricated from the finest chocolate, dressed in 23 carat comestible gold! On auction at Dubai’s Bloomsbury’s Cupcakes store, these cupcakes amount about $1,000 a piece!

The world’s best big-ticket sushi:

Fifth on our account is “Karat chef” Angelito Araneta Jr.’s sushi. This creatively absorbed baker consistently places African chunk on top of chaplet while creating the world’s best big-ticket sushi. This sushi confined will set you aback by a whopping $1,978 for a confined of bristles pieces!

Black Ivory Coffee Beans:

We all adulation our casual cup of brew. However, not a lot of us accept sipped on this absurd coffee fabricated from beans best out of an elephant’s dung! Disgusting as it may sound; these coffee beans are the best big-ticket in the apple and are produced in a complicated biological process. Elephants are aboriginal fed coffee cherries and the beans are again best out of their dung. These beans are again sun-dried and roasted. A batter of these coffee beans alleged the Atramentous Ivory costs a massive $500!

Almas caviar:

Considered to be the world’s best big-ticket caviar, this aliment account wins the third abode on our list. Hailing from Iran, the Almas caviar is the best admirable of its affectionate in the apple and is acutely attenuate too. A kilo of this is awash in a 24-carat gold tin for about $25,000 while abate portions are additionally awash for about $1,250.

Frrozen Haute Chocolate:

The additional best absolute aliment account in the apple on our account is a dessert. Created by Stephen Bruce, buyer of Serendipity 3, with affluence jeweler Euphoria New York, this ambrosia includes 5 grams of comestible 23-karat gold. Served in a beaker lined with comestible gold, this ambrosia has a abject with an 18-karat gold armlet and 1 carat of white diamonds. Topped with absolute La Madeline au Truffle from Knipschildt Chocolatier, a confined of the Frrozen Haute Amber costs about $25,000!

$50 actor Bells Cake:

To top all of these absurd aliment items is this one-of-a-kind bells cake, big-ticket abundant to accomplish aloof about any bells memorable! Unveiled advanced of The National Gay Bells Show, this block stands one and a bisected meters alpine and sports six tiers. Sporting added than 2000 diamonds, the agnate of 2046 carats, the block was created by jewelers Russell and Case and Chester-based boutique, CAKE.

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