The world’s Most Expensive Bottle of Water is worth $900,000

 The world’s Most Expensive Bottle of Water is worth $900,000

World Most Expensive Water Bottle

Water is not just a thirst quenching liquid! With an array of designer and gilded version of water bottles available, deep-pocketed folks can sip onto opulence-infused H2O. The latest bottle of water to satiate one’s desire of flaunting wealth while sipping water is Aurum 79. All set to debut at Big Boys Toys Exhibition, this water bottle is crafted out of finest crystal glass.

Bejeweled with pure gold and 113 diamonds, the world’s most expensive water bottle defends its $900,000 price tag. Even the 0.5 liter of pure spring water, from St. Leonhard Germany, contained inside this ostentatious bottle is refined with pure gold edible gold flakes. More of an artwork, only three such bottles of Aurum 79 will be made available for collectors! Its all about quenching someone’s thirst for bling.

Via: Rcproduct

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