The Most Expensive Home Styles in America

 The Most Expensive Home Styles in America

Several homes in the US are designed and built in conformance with various architectural styles like Mediterranean, Classical etc. The choice of the architectural style has a significant bearing on the final cost price of the home. Classical architectural styled homes are the by far the most expensive.

Most Expensive Home Styles in America

An average Classical home could cost as much as $2 million. The high price commanded by such homes is due to the fact that such properties are not built anymore. These homes were mainly built during the 18th and 19th century and were massively influenced by Georgian symmetry and Revival style. The most prominent features of Classical styled homes are massive front porches and arched windows.

Most Expensive Home Styles America

Mediterranean styled houses gained a lot of popularity during the early part of 20th century in the US. White stucco outside walls, arches, red tile roofs and courtyards are standard features of these homes which usually command an average price tag of approximately $1.35 million.

Houses sporting the Georgian architectural style shot to prominence in the US during the seventeenth century. An amazing sense of symmetry is the most distinctive feature of Georgian styled homes, a majority of which are located on the US East Coast. Iconic US President George Washington used to reside in one such home. An average Georgian residence can cost as much as $1.2 million these days.

Most Expensive Home Styles

Penthouses are a modern concept and have gained a lot of popularity among the American elite during the past few decades. Originally, the topmost floor of luxury apartments offering exclusive amenities were referred to as “Penthouses” but the scope of the label was later extended to most luxury flats. A typical penthouse usually costs a little over $1 million.

Art Deco is a modern style that gained prominence during the 1920’s decade. Homes sporting the Art Deco architectural style tend to possess geometric patterns. The Chrysler Building in New York City is a famous example of a typical Art Deco building. An average home costs around $785,000.

The Craftsman architectural style is usually adapted by large bungalows. Opting for the Craftsman style implies that homes cannot exceed a predetermined limit. The design ensures optimal space utilization. A typical Craftsman style bungalow usually features a large living room, gumwood woodwork, French doors, wide front porches and roof edges that protrude over the home. This design was popularized in the early 20th century. An average Craftsman bungalow costs approximately $690,000. – Bornrich

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