Savoir Beds Break Guinness World Record for Most Expensive Bed in the World!

 Savoir Beds Break Guinness World Record for Most Expensive Bed in the World!

Queen Elizabeth’s 60th coronation anniversary is turning out to be special. To make the same an occasion to cherish for those who admire quality, Savoir Beds has decided to do something innovative. Mattress company Savoir has decided to make sixty editions of “The Royal State Bed”.

Savoir Beds Most Expensive Bed in the World

These were unveiled in New York city recently. It is noteworthy here that it took around 700 man-hours to come up with these specially designed bed series. Priced around $175,000 these beds are set to be the most expensive beds and have created a world record for being the costliest. Managing Director at Savoir Beds Alistair Hughes maintained that they wanted to come up with the very best and The Royal State Bed series will fit the bill.

The designers at Savoir Beds took the inspiration for these beds from beds designed in 1700’s for the British Royal Family.  Alistair Hughes points out that beds used to be the centre of attraction during 16th century and anyone desirous of meeting the King had to come to his bedroom. Bed was the only thing apart from the throne that attracted attention.

Most Expensive Bed in the World

Perhaps this is the only reason that designer team at Savoir Beds came up with this concept and ended up building the costliest bed in the world. Another fact that makes these beds unique in the true sense is that the mattress and box spring has been made from Latin American horse tail and Mongolian cashmere.

The reason for use of Latin American horse tail while preparing the mattress and box spring is explained by Jonathan Mason who happens to be the master craftsman with Savoir Beds. In his words, the horse hair helps regulate body temperature as it draws the heat from the body.

Savoir Beds

Elaborating further, Jonathan Mason dwells on what goes into making these Royal States Beds. Jonathan pointed out that about 1600 miles of silk had been used for the embroidered canopy roof. Around 110 pound of curled horse tail had been used for weaving out the toppers and mattress. Moreover, Jonathon pointed out around 22 pounds of cashmere had been used in toppers and mattress.

Adequate care had been taken while handcrafting the bed. This can be judged from the fact that over 600 man-hours have been exclusively spent for designing and handcrafting the bed. Much attention has been paid while embroidering the crest and headboards as over 100 man-hours have been spend exclusively for the same.

The delivery period of this exclusively designed bed spans around 16 week as it takes this amount of time for the order to be placed and the delivery to materialize. Sources at Savoir Beds maintain that the lifespan of box spring and mattress is around 25 years and only 60 Royal beds are being made. The reason given by the company for coming up with only 60 beds in this series is that they want it to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the queen’s coronation.

Given the price tag of $175,000, it would be worthwhile to keep the Royal Beds restricted to only 60 units as this will make these unique and special.

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