Rockaway Beach is the Most Expensive Beach in America

 Rockaway Beach is the Most Expensive Beach in America

Rockaway BeachIt might be surprising at times to call any beach as the most expensive and that too if one is not considering purchasing the same. At times however, the upkeep of the beach costs so much that the same can be credited with being the most expensive beach.

Rockaway Beach GalleryRockaway Beach is the costliest beach in United States if these considerations are taken into account. The renovation and upkeep of the Rockaway Beach is being done in background of the havoc created by Sandy.

Rockaway Beach ViewUS Army Corps of Engineers have been assigned the task of renovating the beach. The sand is being replaced at the beach in an effort to bring life to the same. Millions of dollars worth of sand is being moved in as a part of the renovation.

Rockaway Beach 2013It was in early 1970’s that government had started the renovation process of the Rockaway beach. Millions of dollars worth of sand was brought in to replenish the beach. The fund flow dried up over a period and by 2004, the renovation work was almost stopped.

Most Expensive Beach in AmericaSandy struck and almost the entire beach vanished. It is estimated that storm Sandy sucked out around 1.5 million cubic yards of sand to the deeper waters. Almost half of the sand lost after Sandy will be replaced by this year at a cost of $10 million.

It is interesting to mention here that Rockaway beach has been receiving funds for repair and maintenance since 1926. Over $216,928,138 have been spent on renovation purpose at the beach till date making Rockaway Beach the costliest beach ever.

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