Rare 1923 Leica Camera is the Most Expensive At $2.8 Million

 Rare 1923 Leica Camera is the Most Expensive At $2.8 Million

Rare 1923 Leica CameraTechnology has advanced with the times, and though we have seen some of the most hi-tech cameras that has brought a revolution in the photography world, including Hasselblad H4D-200MS 200-megapixel camera to Leaf AFI 56 Megapixels camera, when it comes to the collectible value, vintage Leica camera rules the market, selling for not just thousands, but millions of dollars. We have earlier told you about the most expensive cameras, and the 1923 Leica 0-Series that sold for $1.9 million “Leica I Mod” was the most expensive camera by far. But, another Leica _ series has set a new record yet again when it was recently sold for a staggering $2.8 million!

Rare 1923 Leica Camera Pictures

he German-built camera was purchased by an anonymous bidder for the huge sum of close to $3 million at an auction held in Vienna recently. The camera was part of a series of 25 cams built back in 1923. This was two years before the serial production began. It’s believed that just half of them remain today. We have no word on the functionality of the 1923 Leica but considering it looks to be beautifully preserved, it could very well still manage to capture images.

There’s also no word on the identity of the previous owner who has only been named as a ‘private collector’ in Europe. The $2.8-million vintage camera is said to have sold for over 7 times the starting cost of 300,000 Euros. With the bar set so high, it’ll be a long time before another camera will be able to top the figure. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if the next contender also comes from the house of Germany’s Leica. – Bornrich

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