Pen of the Year 2014 by Graf von Faber-Castell is Dedicated to Catherine’s Palace

 Pen of the Year 2014 by Graf von Faber-Castell is Dedicated to Catherine’s Palace

New pen 2014With the actualization of technology, we rarely anticipate on pens for autograph anymore, but still, high-end affluence bubbler pens can never lose its affability and go out of vogue. penThe Graf von Faber-Castell pen of the year 2014 is one such classic of luxe autograph accoutrement which has been bogus of gold, quartz, and jasper. It draws afflatus from Russia’s Catherine Palace, and advantageous account to the Agate Rooms of the palace, the Pen of the Year brings breathing the lustre and accomplished of Victorian era.

pen airThough the analysis of the pen is affiliated to the high-end abject instruments we acquire credible afore by Faber-Castell like the architecture brindle bubbler pen and the pen of the year 2007, but accomplished artisan Boris Igdalov brash the motifs on this admirable pen which is attainable in two versions.

pen airBoth the versions of the bubbler pens acquire red-brown, ablaze jasper in common, but the accustomed version’s red jasper adorns its platinum-plated base while its cap is camp with Russian quartz. 1000 examples will be ample of the accustomed adjustment which has been priced at €3200 ($4350).

pen airThe adapted adjustment is bogus with 24-karat gold and has an 18-karat gold nib. Quartz and jasper stones beautify the exoteric of the pen and it is able with a plunger accoutrement that has a rotary knob. The adapted adjustment is apprenticed to 150 in basal and is priced at $9,500.


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