Most Expensive Tea in the World

 Most Expensive Tea in the World

An aromatic beverage, Tea is one of the most consumed and favoured drink around the world. The leaves of tea plant scientific name Camellia Sinensis are dipped in hot or boiling water to prepare the drink. Slightly bitter and astringent flavour, tea is also cooling and can be drank in a number of ways too. Recent studies show that tea can also have some medicinal as well as other properties that are good for health and overall good living. There are three countries that are producers of some of the best quality tea in the world. Tea from India, China and Sri Lanka are known world over for their flavour and taste as well as their liquor. Different areas produce different tea leaves that have signature taste and flavour due to a number of reasons. Moreover, these days teas are mixed with different herbs for other health benefits as well. Here are some of the costliest tea that are available across the world.

3. Silver Tips tea from Makaibari Tea Estate : Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling Tea most expensive tea

Darjeeling tea is known the world over for their distinctive flavour and colour. Located in India, Darjeeling is in the foothills of eastern Himalayas. The slopes of Himalayas, the altitude of 5000 to 8000 feet above sea level and several other factors makes Darjeeling tea special. Delicately interwoven with silver streaks, the Silver tips also is a patented product of the Makaibari tea estate. The tea is sold at 400 USD per 1000 grams.

2. Tieguanyin Tea from China:

Tieguanyin Tea

Named after Buddhist dietician Guan Yin or the Iron Goddess of Mercy, this Chinese tea is priced at about 1500 USD per kilogram it is an Oolong tea, which means that its between green and black tea. One of the important aspects of this expensive tea is the fact that it can be brewed for at least seven times before it loses its flavour.

1. Da-Hong Pao:

Da-Hong Pao Tea

Da-Hong Pao literally means Big Red Robe, and is a variety of Wuyi Oolong tea. According to legend these have been preserved from Ming Dynasty and have medicinal properties also. They are extremely well maintained and treated as a national treasure by the Chinese government and offered as national gift to dignitaries. The tea is hardly available for sale, and when it is the price can climb to 1,250,000 USD per kilogram.


There are a number of other tea that also can be highly bizarre as well as costly. Bug shit tea, Panda poop tea are known to be served at exorbitant prices per serving. Ritz Carlton of Hong Kong serves the costliest high tea at 8,888 USD per couple.

Tea bags also have been one way of serving or making tea for a long time. To commemorate the 75 th birthday of PG Tips, one of the most celebrated tea companies of United Kingdom, they launched a designer diamond studded tea bag that was priced at 15,000 USD. These expensive tea bags contain about 280 excellent quality diamonds.

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