Most Expensive Shopping Mall in the World

 Most Expensive Shopping Mall in the World

Most Expensive Shopping Mall in the World

In the present scenario shopping malls are considered to be the only destination where a famous global luxury brand as well as a local product is made available to customers under the same roof. There are several expensive shopping malls scattered all over the globe where luxurious items can be purchased after forking out a substantial sum of money.

A shopping mall can be classified according to various categories.  The parameters under which a mega mall can be defined range from attributes like size, expensive design and most importantly, the total cost incurred during the construction of the shopping center.

Most Expensive Shopping Mall

According to reports “The New South China Mall” situated in Dongguan, China is considered to be the world’s most expensive shopping mall built till date. Reportedly feet gigantic shopping mall is spread over the 6.5 million square of carpet area .It’s cavernous space allows it to lease out more than 1,500 stores which are spread out across the length and breadth of the grand mall. Apparently this shopping complex has seven branches situated all over the world which includes global destinations of the likes of Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome, California and the exotic Caribbean Islands.

The luxurious mall has been created with several levels. The 1st level is occupied by stores selling designer clothing and expensive jewelries and also contains quite a few high end restaurants. However the rest of the mall is mostly occupied by shops hawking books, children’s toys and sportswear.  According to some news reports even though the mall was opened in 2005, majority of its stores have not yet been opened due to its high rental cost which puts off a lot of retailers. Another point attributed to its low occupancy is the location of the mall which reportedly is not well connected by the public transport system in China. However this expensive mall is truly living up to its high standard. The mall authorities have hired several employees to cater to their customers in a quick and efficient manner.

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