Most Expensive Rubik’s Cube in the World

 Most Expensive Rubik’s Cube in the World

Invented by Hungarian Sculptor and professor of architecture Erno Rubik, his Magic Cube or Rubik’s cube is also popularly known as the Hungarian Horror. Rubik licensed it to Ideal Toy corp. in 1980, after this 3D combination puzzle was actually invented in 1974. This simple game has won many awards after it was launched across the globe including best puzzle of the year in 1980.

Most Expensive Rubiks CubeThe Rubik’s cube is one of the largest selling puzzle games across the world and is also considered as the best selling toy in the world. This is only taking into consideration the legal copies or units of the Rubik’s cube sold by the companies, and the number of illegal and fake Rubik’s cube can count almost the same amount.

There are a number of variations of the original Rubik’s cube. Some of them are mechanical variations and the more recent electronic variations. The Rubik’s Magic, Twist are the mechanical versions whereas the Rubik’s Revolution, Slide and TouchCube are the electronic versions. The original version was a 3X3X3  cube, but non-licensed versions are available up to 11X11X11 based on the V-Cube. Generally a standard Rubik’s cube measures two and a quarter inches on each side and is made up of 26 mini cubes. The cubes are interlocked by inward extensions, and the interlocking permits them to be moved. A solved Rubik’s cube will have different colour on each of its face. There are many materials for manufacturing the Rubik’s cube but the most favoured one is plastic.

Rubiks Cube

Fred Cuellar CEO and founder of Diamond Cutters International has created a spectacular masterpiece, which can be clearly dubbed as one of the most expensive toys in the world. In an effort to honour the fortieth anniversary of the best and mind numbing puzzle, Diamond Cutters International has created his “Mona Lisa” according to Cuellar. The Rubik Cube created by the Diamond Cutters International took about 8,500 man hours. Crafted in 18 carat yellow gold, on each panel there are 25 precious stones in invisible settings. The classic coloured panels of the Rubik’s cube have been recreate d using almost 185 carats of White diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies.  It consists of 22.5 carat Amethyst, 34 carat Emerald and 34 carat of Ruby. The original colours of red, green, blue, orange, yellow and white of the original Rubik’s cube has to be changed slightly due to some practical and protective reasons also.

The Cube is extremely protected from prying eyes, and kept secret, specially the purple side. This is also another way of protecting the ingenious design from being replicated. The purple colour replaced the orange from the original colour scheme, and it is a well known fact that the colour purple represents royalty. Another reason for purple was the acronym PU-for Planks universe, RP-for Rubik’s Puzzle and LE-for light energy. It was Cuellar’s own way of paying tribute to both Max Planck as well as Enro Rubik. The Rubik’s cube from is valued at 2.5 million USD. – Bornrich

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