Most Expensive Pencil

 Most Expensive Pencil

Most Expensive PencilOne of the first things that involve a journey into learning is a simple Pencil. It is one of the simplest yet universal devices; that can be unpretentious and elegant also. Pencils is one of the prized possessions among young school goers. It is timeless and also useful. Pencils are also one of the most favoured drawing instruments among artists.  Invented almost 400 years earlier, it is still one of the most widely used and popular writing instrument. It is also one of the most modern in terms of design and usage, other than being extremely environment friendly and economical.

Pencil can also be designed in a costly manner also. The most expensive pencil in the modern time is one designed by Graf von Faber-Castell. Named as ‘Perfect Pencil’ it is priced at about 12,800 USD. Only 99 pencils have been produced till date form 2001 and most of them are sold out.

Worlds Most Expensive Pencil

Every pencil is made out of 240 year old Olive wood. The wood of the barrel is ribbed elegantly. The pencil also has an end piece. It also has an extender. Both the end piece and the extender is made from White Gold Palladium. The extender houses a sharpener and also a built in eraser. The eraser can be easily replaced and used. The extender is made from 18 carat White Gold. The lid houses three best quality diamonds under the count’s coat of arms. The ‘Perfect Pencil’ also comes with a certificate for the diamonds. The diamonds symbolises the mark of the third millennium Zaman of 00.06 carat size. The diamonds are of exceptional clarity and make the pencils really priceless.

Faber-Castell was founded in 1761 in the city of Nuremberg. It is one of the largest pencil producing company, and has facilities in more than 19 countries worldwide. One of the oldest industrial companies, it is also one of the largest family run business, and presently being run by the 8th generation of the family member Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell.

The Faber-Castell also are the owners of the oldest surviving wood case pencil and the smallest pencil in the world. They also have many other expensive and antique creations in pencils.

Perfect pencil from the house of Faber-Castel is presently the most expensive pencil in the world and definitely something that pencil enthusiasts would like to have in their collection and show off. Just be careful while sharpening as excess pressure or improper sharpening can reduce the pencil very fast. Use it carefully and with caution to show off, as well as write, sharpen and correct your scribbles. – Bornrich

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