Most expensive Music Videos

 Most expensive Music Videos

Most expensive music videos

Most Expensive music videosMusic videos play a vital role in promoting an artist and his music. There are music video awards which recognize their efforts being put in to videos. An artist is recognized all over the world because of the videos that he invests in. Usually the most expensive videos are the most memorable videos of all time. Music videos also explain the music itself. Many fashion trends also generate from music videos, the public like to imitate their favorite artists. Music videos from different eras also show the different times and different trends. Music videos are mostly expensive and they require a lot of investment, but mostly it pays off eventually. Here are some of the most expensive music videos of all times.

Most expensive

Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson- “Scream”

$ 7 million

This is one of the most expensive videos and Michael Jackson most successful video as well. It is a black and white video with Michael and Janet dancing along the walls of a spaceship. This video was appreciated all around the world and Michael gained a lot of recognition. $ 7 million was a huge amount of money at that time. This video received MTV Music Video awards and also a Grammy award.

Madonna- “Die Another Day”

$ 6 million

‘Die Another Day” was the theme song of the James Bond Movie with the same name. This video was released at the same time the move was released in 2002. In the video Madonna is being tortured while she has a dual role of Good Madonna and Bad Madonna with a number of weapons. After the release of this video this song became the most famous bond movie theme since Duran Duran’s A View to a Kill. This video was highly appreciated and also celebrated Madonna’s 20th anniversary of producing music and hits.

30 Seconds to Mars- “From Yesterday”

$ 13 million

30 Seconds to Mars is an American rock band. This song is from their album ‘A Beautiful Lie’ which was widely appreciated. This video was the first American video ever which was films entirely in the People’s Republic of China. The video revolves around a wish made by a young emperor. This video was filmed using 400 Chinese soldiers (holding flags) shown at the beginning of the video. The production cost being $ 13 million is still disputed but it was one of the most expensive videos.

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