Most Expensive Lighters in the World

 Most Expensive Lighters in the World

A lighter is device which is portable and generates flames and ignites a fire. A lighter is used to light fire and a style statement mostly for people who are smokers. A lighter has a container or made of plastic or metal, in which a pressurized liquid gas or inflammable liquid is kept and serves as a means of ignition. The ignition may be from a stone and metal roller or electronically generated spark. Fuels vary from Butane, naptha as well as petrol and other fluids and fuels. Here are some of the most expensive lighters.

1. Ligne 2 Champagne

Luxury Lighter

The Ligne 2 Champagne lighter has been developed by a venerable Parisian luxury goods firm of S.T. Dupont. The company is not related to the chemical giants bearing the same last name.  The Dupont’s Ligne 2 Champagne is a part f the Dupont’s Prestige collection. The Ligne 2 lighters come is four varieties that are distinct in their appearance as well as their way of produce. The solid gold, white gold, diamond lighters and the Rose Pink gold are exclusive, exquisite and really awe-inspiring. Made from 18 carat white gold, and is decorated with 462 diamonds that measures about 5.2 carats. The diamonds are of GVS quality and the Ligne 2 lighters are priced at 79,000 USD making it the most expensive lighter in the world.

2. Zippo

Most Expensive Lighter

Zippo Manufacturing Company celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2007, after being founded in 1932. They are one of the most celebrated and lighter makers and has been one of the style icons as well as a fashion statement. The Zippo lighters combine a flint-wheel ignition with a naptha-soaked wick. These butane lighters are wind resistant and one of the most reliable wind-resistant and cold weather resistant ones. Zippo lighter from the original 1933 make was sold for 37,000 USD making them one of the costliest lighters in the world.

3. Prestige and Initiated

Most Expensive Lighter

Designed and manufactured by Cartier, it is one of the rarest lighters. This Celestial Dragon Decor lighter in the Prestige and Initiated lighter collection. The Dragon of this lighter is made of 18 carat gold body and features lacquered clouds. The lighter made from 18 carat gold and also is studded with 816 diamonds of exquisite quality. The limited number of this exclusive lighter also has the price only on enquiry.


Other than these there are some other lighters which are sold for a premium. These lighters can become a collector’s item for a variety of reasons like its history or previous owner or some other landmark. Turbo Shagreen is another lighter that combines elegance and style with powerful functionality. Dunhill lighters are also one of the most sought after collectible, and changes hands for thousands of US dollars as price. Azen Neo is a lighter with Lexan that protects it from water seepage. Colibi Pergusa inspired by Tonino Lamborghini, the lighter is elegant as well as expensive.  Other than these lighters old models from lighter makers Ronson, Visol, Dunhill lighters are also sold for a handsome price. These lighters can not only light fire, they can burn a hole in your pocket too. – Bornrich

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