The Most Expensive House In The World 18 Carlton House Terrace

 The Most Expensive House In The World 18 Carlton House Terrace

House imagesThe period of economic recession seemed to have passed away. This has led to the luxury property market booming once again. Some new records too have been set in the process. The latest entrant to this list is the 18, Carlton House Terrace. This mansion in London has turned out to be the most expensive property in the world. 18, Carlton House Terrace has been listed for an asking price of $410 million or £250 million. Though the price seems to be on the higher side, yet the estate agency which is procuring the deal seems confident of having a buyer very soon. The house falls in the preview of Grade I Residency Mansion and is considered to be the finest of the lot.

Carlton HouseThe brochure of this six floor house has been designed elegantly and has been distributed only among the super rich in London. Another unique aspect related with 18, Carlton House Terrace is its location. The property lies in close proximity to the Buckingham palace and is in line with other mega properties which are located on the same road. Hindujas, a big business house from India too have their house in the same lane. If you are a culture lover, the location of 18, Carlton House will match your taste.

House TerraceThe property lies in close vicinity of Royal Society and Mall Galleries. The house has over 50,000 square feet of living space and can be termed as a mega property in the real sense. Not much is known about the current owner of 18, Carlton House though some believe that the current owner is a member of Saudi Royal Family. However the Land Registry Department maintains that the property is owned by Carltop Estates a firm registered in British Virgin Islands. The fact of the matter is that irrespective of the current ownership status of the property, the same is making much news in the property market. -Bornrich

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