Most Expensive Earbuds

 Most Expensive Earbuds

Earbuds are your personal earphones that relay music or conversation to your ears without external disturbance. The basic earbuds have no controls on them, but the modern earbuds are coming up with eye popping features like remotes, microphones and many more. earbuds with mic also has become one of the most favoured way of enjoying music and also talk hands-free from handheld Smartphones and other communicating devices that have music players too. Here are three of the most expensive earbuds form three different aspects.

Custom Earbuds

Non-Bedazzled Earbuds

One of the most expensive custom built earbuds is the Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors, also referred to as the UE PRMs. Priced at 1999 USD, they are not only custom fit and in-ear monitors, they are also custom sound too. The audio monitors are built on custom moulds of the buyer made by a certified audiologist.  Once done the personal tuning station of Ultimate Ears will dial in the very custom frequency response curve of the user.  Armed with all these information experts at the Ultimate Ears manufacture the very personal set of earbuds or the Personal Reference monitors as they prefer to call them. They not only have sound specifications but also specific fit only for a pair of ears. The proprietary five armature design and its three way crossover circuit are for bass, mids and highs. Wood grain veneers, metallic carrying case in black as well as detachable braided cables all come with this expensive yet custom earbuds.

Non-Bedazzled Earbuds

Non-Bedazzled Earbuds

Priced at 1299.99 USD, the AKG K3003 earbuds is possibly the most expensive non-custom universal fit earphones. The earphones use a 3-way hybrid driver system of the makers AKG, whose patent is still pending. One of the dynamic driver is used to enhance the bass, and the others for handling the highs and mid tones respectively. The frequency of these earphones range from 10Hz to 30 KHz. Brushed stainless steel housings, and the cables are covered with fabric. The tips are available in three sizes and are anti-allergic. The K3003 are also equipped with three different filters to choose from bass boost, treble boost or a flat response. The filters can be changed and replaced easily. K3003 earphones are also available with built in mic and control buttons too.

The Most Expensive

Expensive Earbuds

iDiamond earbuds are presently the most expensive ones wining the competition hands down. They are just regular flat surfaced earbuds like the earbuds in their initial years. The sound quality of the earbud is nothing of exceptional quality but the price of the earbuds is due to the 18 carat gold casing and over 200 diamonds  weighing about 1.65 carats that adorns the body. The iDiamond earbuds are designed by Thomas Heyerdahl of the famous Norwegian line of Heyerdahl jewellery and cost $6,400.


These are the three most expensive earbuds from three different sections. These earbuds are not only expensive but they also are excellent in their performance. They definitely produce some of the sweetest music to the ears. Other than these, there are also some other expensive earbuds from different manufacturers, with impressive features and impressive prices as well.

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