Most Expensive Cocktail in the World

 Most Expensive Cocktail in the World

The Guinness World of Records has seen a new benchmark for the most expensive cocktail in the world which has been set by a bartender from Australia with a cocktail drink that cost $12,916! Joel Heffernan is the 23 year-old bartender who has made a foray into the field of costly alcoholic beverages by making the Winston (name of the cocktail drink) at Club 23 in Melbourne (Australia) on the 7th of February this year (2013).

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The name of the cocktail is Winston (apparently after Sir Winston Churchill) and the astronomical cost of this luxurious drink is owing to the 1858 Croizet Cognac that goes into the drink.  The actual value of a bottle of this cognac is a whopping $157,000 and one shot would cost you $6,000.  Along with the cognac there are other fine ingredients such as a dash of Angostura Bitters, Chartreuse Vieillissement Exceptionanellement Prolonge, Grand Marnier Quintessence and other fancy bits here and there such as the dust of chocolate nutmeg.

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The Wall Street Journal goes on to state that the one and only buyer of this extravagant cocktail only took a few sips before leaving for an event. Heffernan has struck a new world record and has claimed the position that was previously occupied by Salvatore Calabrese from London with a cocktail costing $8, 835. Heffernan explains that the care involved in preserving the cognac used in the drink is the reason that escalates the price tag of the Winston. He goes on to state that he needs to know at least two days in advance in order to make this costly drink.

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This cocktail contains 60ml of Croizet’s 1858 ‘Cuvee Leonie’ cognac, which apparently holds the Guinness World Record title for the most expensive cognac that has been auctioned. The concoction of the cocktail Winston has been invented by Club 23 at Melbourne which is apparently owned by Shane Warne, the popular Australian cricketer. This delicious liqueur is a something that might make others choke- but he rich and wealthy would not mind splurging money on a drink that contains the best cognac in the world along with ultra-luxurious ingredients, even if they have to cough up a staggering amount for it!

The drink can be garnished with a little coconut, rose essence, poppy seed essence or chocolate nutmeg dust and surprisingly it is because of these painstakingly labor intensive garnishes that it takes two days for the Winston to be ready to sample. This drink has most certainly grabbed eyeballs and has won a lot of recognition for Shane Warne’s club that opened in November 2011. The club has also seen a lot of celebrities enjoy the ambiance, but what needs to be seen is whether they would eventually splurge on the Winston! – Bornrich

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